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  • Laura Capper

    Laura Capper

    Head of Manufacturing & Construction, NatWest
  • Ingo Keller

    Ingo Keller

    Head of Robotics, The National Robotarium
  • Niels Lohse

    Niels Lohse

    Professor of Manufacturing Automation and Robotics, University of Birmingham
  • Kathleen Richardson

    Kathleen Richardson

    Director of Women Ethics Robots AI and Data (WERAID) Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI, De Montfort University
  • Jamshed Iqbal

    Jamshed Iqbal

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Programme Lead (Robotics & AI) - School of Computer Science, University of Hull
  • Nabil Aouf

    Nabil Aouf

    Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Director of Systems, Autonomy and Control (SAC) Centre, Director of London Space Innovation (LSI) Centre at City, University of London., City University of London
  • Tjeerd Olde Scheper

    Tjeerd Olde Scheper

    Research Lead in Computing, Oxford Brookes University
  • Catherine Menon

    Catherine Menon

    Principal Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire
  • William Holderbraum

    William Holderbraum

    Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, University of Reading
  • Nicola Bailey

    Nicola Bailey

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Department of Engineering, King's College London
  • Julie Wall

    Julie Wall

    Professor of AI & Advanced Computing, University of West London
  • Hongmei He

    Hongmei He

    Professor in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Autonomous Systems, University of Salford
  • Maria Stukoff

    Maria Stukoff

    Director of the Maker Space, University of Salford
  • Simon Thorne

    Simon Thorne

    Researcher and Lecturer in AI, Data Science, Human Factors. Software Engineering and Spreadsheet Risk, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • ChowSiing Sia

    ChowSiing Sia

    Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University; Head of STEAM Hub for EUREKA Robotics Centre, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Robbie Cato

    Robbie Cato

    Automation Specialist, Morrisons
  • Rosa Wells

    Rosa Wells

    FE Principal and Dean for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths, University College Birmingham
  • Edith-Clare Hall

    Edith-Clare Hall

    Lead, Women in Robotics
  • Garik Markarian

    Garik Markarian

    CEO and Founder of Rinicom Ltd and Emeritus Professor University of Lancaster, Rinicom
  • Gabriella Pizzuto

    Gabriella Pizzuto

    Robotics Researcher, University of Liverpool
  • Yang Gao

    Yang Gao

    Professor of Robotics FIET FRAeS, King's College London
  • Sara Adela

    Sara Adela

    Lecturer in Robotics, University College London
  • Nadia Dijiad

    Nadia Dijiad

    Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of West London
  • Rossi Setchi

    Rossi Setchi

    Professor in High-Value Manufacturing and Director of IROHMS, Cardiff University
  • Antonia Tzemaki

    Antonia Tzemaki

    Senior Lecturer - School of Engineering Mathematics and Technology, University of Bristol
  • Vali Lalioti

    Vali Lalioti

    Professor Creative XR and Robotics, Director of Programmes, Creative Computing Institute, University of Arts London
  • Helmut Hauser

    Helmut Hauser

    Associate Professor in Robotics, Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (FARSCOPE), Director of Morphological Computation Lab, University of Bristol
  • Ekaterina Ivanova

    Ekaterina Ivanova

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Queen Mary University of London
  • Agnes Wamagui

    Agnes Wamagui

    Knowledge Transfer Manager – Robotics, InnovateUK
  • Niamh Donnelly

    Niamh Donnelly

    Co-founder & Chief Robotics Officer , Akara
  • Chang Liu

    Chang Liu

    CEO, Extend Robotics
  • Oana Jinga

    Oana Jinga

    CCO & Co-Founder, Dexory
  • James Kell

    James Kell

    Technical Director, Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd
  • Daniela Sawyer

    Daniela Sawyer

    Technical Fellow, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre - University of Sheffield
  • Maria Koskinopoulou

    Maria Koskinopoulou

    Assistant Professor in Robotics and Computer Vision, Heriot-Watt University
  • Barry Whyte

    Barry Whyte

    Global Business Development Director Troax Group. Specialising in Services, Robotics & Automation, Troax
  • Vasilii Mishchenko

    Vasilii Mishchenko

    Executive Vice President Robofacturing, Arrival Group
  • Anuradha Ranasinghe

    Anuradha Ranasinghe

    Senior Lecturer in Robotics, Liverpool Hope University
  • Will Kinghorn

    Will Kinghorn

    Technology adoption specialist, Made Smarter